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MRCN_Zoe_Broder_VISTA_Intro_PictureThe Local Food AmeriCorps Project

Nonprofits and government agencies in central Missouri need full-time AmeriCorps or AmeriCorps VISTA members to connect people of all ages/economic classes with the benefits of local food.

MRCN matches AmeriCorps and VISTA members with these organizations.

Kelsey Grant VISTA JacketAmeriCorps and VISTA members in MRCN’s Local Food Project might:

                              • Recruit volunteers
                              • Lead educational programs
                              • Write grants
                              • Create public awareness for their programs
                              • Develop lasting, valuable relationships between nonprofits in their communities

Southern Boone Landon with OrangeBenefits and Conditions

Becoming an AmeriCorps or VISTA member is not an official job, but rather a full-time, one-year commitment to national service.

Benefits include:

                              • Professional experiences in the nonprofit sector
                              • $11,100 — $12,100 yearly living allowance (taxable income paid every two weeks)
                              • $5,500 Education Award (to be used for student loans or continuing education expenses. Education Award is transferable to AmeriCorps member’s children or grandchildren).

Jefferson City Planting With Kids

                              • Limited health coverage
                              • Relocation Allowance (VISTAs only; $500 arrival, $500 departure)
                              • Childcare assistance (if eligible)
                              • Non-competitive eligibility for federal government jobs (VISTAs only. Eligibility begins one year from completion of VISTA’s service year)

Jefferson City Emily Planting With KidsConditions:

                              • Housing is not typically provided, but MRCN can assist a prospective member’s search for accommodations.
                              • AmeriCorps VISTAs only: VISTA members are not permitted to have a second job, but they are allowed to attend classes if their supervisor agrees.

CCUA School GroupMRCN’s Local Food AmeriCorps Project in Five Steps

Step 1. The Missouri River Communities Network finds AmeriCorps Sponsors. Sponsors are nonprofits or government agencies across mid-Missouri seeking workers to connect their organization with the local food movement.

Christine at WoodhavenStep 2. The Missouri River Communities Network recruits AmeriCorps members from across the nation to work for the AmeriCorps Sponsors.

Step 3. Newly-recruited AmeriCorps members are trained for three days at a national Pre-Service Orientation (PSO) by the Corporation for National Community Service.

Green Thumb KaleAfter this PSO, AmeriCorps members are responsible for transportation to their Sponsor’s site in mid-Missouri.

Step 4. MRCN provides one to four days of training for new AmeriCorps members. This training covers the Local Food Project in its entirety, as well as grant writing tips and regional resources for living in mid-Missouri.

Step 5. The AmeriCorps begins regular duties for his or her nonprofit sponsor.

Springfield Urban Ag DIRT Banner PictureQuestions?

Please contact Steve Johnson, MRCN’s Local Food AmeriCorps Project Director.

Phone: 573-256-2602


Missouri River Communities Network
200 Old 63 South; Ste 203
Columbia, MO, 65201