Serving Outdoors

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Whether you are interested in river cleanups, local food, or history, MRCN is invested as well. You can search a list of our environmental projects below, and find ways to be involved.

Current Projects

We engage in national community service.Missouri Local Food AmeriCorps Project

MRCN recruits and trains skilled AmeriCorps VISTA members throughout the year. We then send them to work directly for nonprofit organizations, where they improve lives through local food.




009Columbia Boone County Rain Garden Program

MRCN helps citizens, schools, and organizations develop rain gardens within the city of Columbia.


Local Business Projects Started by MRCN


MRCN helps develop other nonprofits, who then independently promote sustainable local businesses in their respective areas. Learn how they benefit your community below.


MRBA Logo With ScriptRegional Cuisine Promotion

To promote local economics and regional cuisines in mid-Missouri, MRCN helped organize four nonprofits across the state. Known as “regional cuisine associations,” each supports local food, recreation, and sustainable heritage tourism in their areas. 



katytrail logoKaty Trail Promotion

To promote local businesses on the Katy State Park Trail, MRCN helped to develop a nonprofit known as the Katy Trail Merchants and Communities, or KTMC. 


Historic Preservation Projects


Completed projects of MRCN that preserve the history of the Missouri River.


Lewis and Clark BicentennialLewis and Clark Bicentennial

MRCN helped develop 49 information boards along the Katy Trail and Bicentennial Driving Byways. These signs continue to provide historic information for visitors today.



Some-Mighty-Good-Years-Fred-OerlyOral Histories

MRCN interviewed several elders of Boone County and others, who provided unique insights into the early 20th Century, and the influence the Missouri River had upon them. These oral histories are made available for public use at the Boone County Historical Society.