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AmeriCorps LogoMissouri Healthy Food AmeriCorps Program

The Missouri Healthy Food AmeriCorps Program, a project of the Missouri River Communities Network, offers nutrition education to reduce the epidemic of childhood obesity in our state. Ten AmeriCorps service opportunities are based in five nonprofit organizations across the state.  Our AmeriCorps members are educating students about growing, harvesting and eating healthy food, as well as increasing production and access to healthy locally grown food.

AmeriCorps Member benefits include:
Serve 1,720 hours in one year starting August 1, 2018
Receive a living allowance of $12,630 (taxable income)
Education award of $5,815
ACA health insurance
Child care
Student loan forbearance on federal loans.

To apply for any of the following service opportunities, go to the My AmeriCorps website, open an account, and apply for opportunities.

Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture (CCUA)upright 2013 logo THE END

General Overview:
3 members, based in Columbia, MO.

Outdoor Classroom Associate: Provide Urban Farm Experiences to K-12 learners.
Urban Farm Associate: Help maintain the CCUA Educational Urban Farm, manage volunteers and educate through school field trips and community tours.
Opportunity Gardens Associate: Help families and children establish gardens and mentor families from seed to plate.

About CCUA:
The Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture (CCUA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit operating in Columbia, Missouri (pop. 110,000). CCUA is a local nonprofit organization that depends on volunteers, vegetable sales, landscaping clients, grants, and the generosity of the public to fulfill its mission. Our Education Department’s programs reached nearly 6,000 people last year (over half of them PK – 12 learners), and we are continuing to grow to meet the needs of our community. CCUA is committed to a healthy and active community with a vibrant local economy. Food is good!

Outdoor Classroom Associate Member Duties:
-Attend meetings as scheduled
-Support the achievement of educational outcomes as set forth by the CCUA Education Department
-Work with educators and administrators directly to help with organizing good food educational experiences
-Work directly with Outdoor Classroom Committees to empower them to take ownership of their projects
-Help build community among projects, committees, educators and the public in both formal and informal educational settings
-Deliver lessons as needed
-Maintain the Urban Farm Outdoor Classroom
-Provide Urban Farm Experiences to K-12 learners
-Urban Farm Production assistance as needed
-Provide education outreach activities at tabling events as needed
-Document all experiences, hours worked, etc. according to department protocol

Urban Farm Associate Member Duties:
-Support CCUA mission
-Attend meetings as scheduled
-Support the achievement of educational outcomes
-Install and maintain gardens and edible landscaping plantings at other educational gardens (this includes, but is not limited to: weeding, pruning, applying mulch, building raised bed gardens, and planting annual and perennial food plants).
– Work at our Urban Farm to help maintain this productive and diverse educational space (this work includes but is not limited to: mowing, weed-whacking, chicken care, composting, produce deliveries, and irrigating)
-Harvesting, washing, and processing fruits and vegetables for donation or sales as needed
-Educate and manage volunteers on gardening tasks
-Help maintain site and produce records
-Help to organize and implement food pantry delivery for Planting for the Pantry
-Document all experiences, hours worked, etc. according to department protocol

Opportunity Garden Associate Member Duties:
-Support the Opportunity Gardens Manager in all duties
-Support CCUA mission
-Attend meetings as scheduled
-Support the achievement of educational outcomes of Opportunity Gardens Program
-Work with families and children directly to help with establishing gardens and mentoring families from seed to plate
-Work directly 1-on-1 with families and children empowering them to grow food and prepare or preserve it independently
-Facilitate community building between families, educators, and the public to ensure the success of good food education in both formal and informal educational settings
-Deliver supplies/resources
-Record keeping and data collection
-Some report writing and development of educational materials
-Provide outreach activities at tabling events
-Document all experiences, hours worked, etc. according to department protocol


Southern Boone Learning GardenSouthern Boone Learning Garden Logo

General Overview:
A nonprofit outdoor classroom at SoBoCo School District.  2 members based in Ashland, MO will teach nutrition classes and serve in school and community projects.

About Southern Boone Learning Garden:
The Southern Boone Learning Garden project will simultaneously facilitate the emergence of a rural community partnership which actively promotes healthy lifestyle policies, programming, and infrastructure improvements, along with the expansion of an already robust public school gardening program providing quality nutrition education and increased access to healthy foods and safe outdoor activity for all students, faculty, and families in the community. Working together, the Southern Boone Learning Garden will serve as an exemplary model of a collaborative approach to community health needs in rural Missouri. Although started at the elementary level, the SBLG will patiently expand to encourage garden use at the middle and high schools by conducting garden lessons which clearly enhance classroom learning in multiple ways, offering high quality professional development workshops, and providing multiple resources to generate ideas and facilitate independent use of the gardens

Member Duties for Both AmeriCorps Members:
Coordinate with teachers, administrators, staff & volunteers to design & evaluate garden classes
Develop garden-based curriculum, activities into middle and high school classes & extracurricular programs
Assist with Community Partnership outreach efforts, web site, newsletter, social media
Help develop Policy & Procedure manuals
Assist with volunteer recruitment, training, coordination & recognition
Help design, market, implement & evaluate professional development for classroom educators Assist with outreach and social marketing efforts
Help research, promotion, coordination, implementation & evaluation of healthy community initiatives (Walking School Bus, Livable Streets, Farm to School, farmer’s markets, YMCA, school Wellness Committee & Community Health Assessments)
Help research & write grants
Help plan & promote fundraising efforts and events.

Contact: Hope Sickmeier,

Kansas City Community GardenKCCG

General Overview:
3 members based in Kansas City, MO will create, expand and enhance outdoor garden classrooms and provide nutrition education classes to students.

About Kansas City Community Garden:
The goal of the KCCG program is to: Create, expand and enhance outdoor garden classrooms and teach students nutrition education: to encourage them to eat healthy fruits and vegetables; to start a lifelong habit of healthy eating, thus reducing the chronic health risks resulting from childhood obesity (cancer, heart disease and diabetes). Work with Kansas City Community Gardens Schoolyard Garden staff to perform Member Duties, as described.

Kansas City Community Garden AmeriCorps Member Duties:
-Assist with school garden site evaluation, garden construction, garden planting, maintenance and technical assistance
-Assist with afterschool garden clubs
-Teach garden and nutrition-based curriculum
-Teach garden-enhancement lessons during non-planting times
-Work with area school districts to determine best practices for integrating garden produce into cafeteria and classroom snacks
-Develop Schoolyard Garden resources for participating schools.

Contact: MaryAnna Henggeler, Schoolyard Gardens Coordinator,


Kirksville’s Green Thumb ProjectGreen Thumb Logo

General Overview:
1 member based in Kirksville, MO, at the Green Thumb Learning Garden and Outdoor Education site on the campus of the Kirksville R-III School District. Member will work with students, volunteers and community partners.

About Green Thumb:
The Green Thumb Project (GTP) of Northeast Missouri is seeking an ambitious, full-time AmeriCorps member for the 2015-2016 season. This position requires a highly motivated, detail-oriented individual who encompasses a desire to become an educator and a community leader. Ideal candidates will be those with an interest in locally grown food, outdoor education, community organizing, leadership, and networking. Preference will be given to those who have experience working with children and experience in a role of leadership. Serving Adair County, with a population of 30% living below the poverty rate, the GTP is dedicated to the mission of “Cultivating Community” through educational outreach, social enterprise, and service-learning community involvement. The GTP manages the Green Thumb Learning Garden and Outdoor Education Site on the campus of the Kirksville R-III School District. Through a strategic set of community partnerships, the GTP offers community gardening opportunities to high-need populations, sustainability workshops for community members, and outdoor-education opportunities to area youth. Working in partnership with the Kirksville, R-III Schools, the AmeriCorps member will take the lead on expanding the GTP’s capacity for nutrition-education programs within the R-III District. The AmeriCorps member’s primary role will be coordinating all nutrition education activities, which includes curriculum development, professional development, lesson planning, and facilitation with teachers and students.

Green Thumb’s AmeriCorps Member Duties:
-Recruit teachers and classes to participate in the nutrition-education program
-Develop curriculum, lesson plans, and activities in nutrition and outdoor education
-Maintain record-keeping database for all activities at the site, including volunteers, teachers, and numbers of students being served
-Create a filing system for educators to access nutrition lessons and resources
-Assist in planning for, and attend professional development and training courses
-Coordinate volunteer workdays, recruit, train and supervise volunteers
-Assisting in the coordination and management of Green Thumb Interns to fulfill their duties
-Generate marketing tools for the GTP special events, programs, and overall Project
-Assist in Maintenance and development of community partnerships
-Assist in securing annual funding through special event planning, grant writing, funding proposals and presentations.

Contact: Karen Keck, Supervisor,


Wildwood Family YMCA

General Overview:
1 member based in Wildwood, MO and Ferguson, MO will build on relationships between the YMCA’s and local public schools to facilitate Farm to School activities, with an emphasis on utilization of school-grown or YMCA-grown produce.

About Wildwood Family YMCA:
As part of the Missouri Healthy Foods AmeriCorps Program, the AmeriCorps member will assist the Wildwood and Emerson Family YMCA in conducting year-round garden-based lessons through a variety of venues including summer camps, field trips for public school and home school students, and intergenerational community workshops at the YMCA’s. These lessons will focus on planting, growing, harvesting, preparing, and eating healthy foods, with lessons for school partners being directly tied to classroom learning objectives covering multiple academic subjects.

Wildwood Family YMCA AmeriCorps Member Duties:
– Offer garden-based nutritional programming through YMCA Summer Camps and community workshops
– Help build community among projects, committees, educators and the public in both formal and informal educational settings
– Build on relationships between the YMCA’s and local public schools to facilitate Farm to School activities, with an emphasis on utilization of school-grown or YMCA-grown produce
-Develop bridge-building activities for youth involved with the Emerson and Wildwood Family YMCA’s

Contact: Jodi Smedley, Community Outreach and Garden Manager,

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