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The Local Food Project for Prospective AmeriCorps 
Local Food Project Overview

Do you seek a dedicated worker to connect your organization with the local food movement?


Urban Farm-to-Table Event KirksvilleThe Local Food AmeriCorps Project

AmeriCorps members can work full-time—at an estimated value of $20,000 to $30,000 per year—for one-third of the cost or less!


“Improving Lives through Local Food”

If your organization’s goal is to make local food available for everyone, regardless of age or income, you might be eligible for the Local Food VISTA Project.

Springfield Urban Ag DIRT LoveOrganizations must:

                          • Be a registered nonprofit or a local, state, or federal agency
                          • Use their AmeriCorps member to improve lives of low-income residents or school children through locally-grown food.

Organizations who join the Local Food AmeriCorps  Project are known as AmeriCorps Sponsors.

Farmers Market EventThe Work

MRCN recruits two kinds of workers: standard AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps VISTAs.

Standard AmeriCorps:

                          • Perform direct service
                          • Recruit volunteers
                          • Teach lesson plans
                          • Plant community/school gardens
                          • Write grants for their specific project within their sponsoring organization

Green Thumb Planting

AmeriCorps VISTAs:

                          • Perform administrative services
                          • Recruit, train, and lead volunteers
                          • Develop curriculum to be taught by teachers, AmeriCorps members, interns, and/or volunteers
                          • Write grants for their sponsoring organization as a whole, not for only one project
                          • Develop fundraisers
                          • Establish new programs for their organization



Erin and Christine at Lucky'sHow it works:

MRCN directs the Local Food AmeriCorps Project,  recruits, and trains each new AmeriCorps member (with close input from the nonprofit sponsors).

After recruitment and training, MRCN sends the AmeriCorps member to work in your organization for one year. 


Emily at Native Plants tableResponsibilities of an AmeriCorps Sponsor

                          • Supervision of your AmeriCorps member
                          • Office space and supplies
                          • Computer and internet access
                          • Input into your AmeriCorps member’s job description and on-site training
                          • A basic cost-share of $8,000 or less


Cost Share FAQs

“Why does MRCN charge a cost-share, and how is the money used?”

We are required to share the cost of AmeriCorps members with the Corporation for National Community Service (CNCS) because MRCN has completed multiple AmeriCorps projects in the past.¹

Kat Minx and Ben Utne

Your cost-share:

                        • Contributes to each AmeriCorps member’s living allowance.²
                        • Covers recruitment, travel, and On-Site Orientation training for each AmeriCorps member.
                        • Pays the Local Food AmeriCorps Project Director to act as a regular go-between for CNCS and each AmeriCorps Sponsor throughout a member’s service year.


“My organization doesn’t have $8,000. What other options exist?”

Part-Time VISTAs:

If another nonprofit shares your situation, you can each pay $4,000 to hire an AmeriCorps VISTA part-time. They will work at least 20 hours per week for your organization. Contact Steve Johnson, the Local Food Project director, to find out if other organizations are interested in acquiring a part-time VISTA.

James at Farm-to-TableSponsoring a Sponsor:

MRCN writes grants and holds fundraisers each year to alleviate the total cost share amount that our AmeriCorps Sponsors pay.

If you are interested in volunteering at these fundraising efforts, or if you can find a sponsor to cover the cost of your own AmeriCorps cost-share, please contact MRCN at 573-256-2602 or missouririver@gmail.com




Green Thumb BoothOpen Positions

As of June, 2014, MRCN does not have any AmeriCorps members in need of a sponsor organization. If you are interested in future availabilities, please let MRCN know by contacting us at missouririver@gmail.com or 573-256-2602.


MRCN_Julie_With_Intern_Sarah_Cramer_on_LeftThe Next Step: A Conversation

If you believe that an AmeriCorps member can help your organization, you can learn more by contacting the Local Food Project Director at 573-256-2602 or missouririver@gmail.com

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¹. http://www.justice.gov/atj/vista-manual-7-3.pdf

². http://www.nationalservice.gov/programs/americorps/americorps-vista/sponsor-vista-project